Friday, 7 October 2011

Quebec City

En route from NB we traveled along Hwy 132 on the South shore of the St. Lawrence for awhile before cutting over to Hwy 20 (the divided 4 lane) - through charming little villages!

Front steps and walkways fronted right onto Hwy 132 - a person could step right onto the highway from a front step!

Farming establishments also fronted onto Hwy 132

More Hwy Frontage

Elaborate churches in every wee village and community

Long and narrow land plots fronting onto  the St. Lawrence River

A view of the Hotel Frontenac in Old Que. City from the Levis Ferry - our RV Park was near Levis so we parked the truck and went on foot on the Ferry

Funiculaire (Elevator) from Place Royale to the walled upper city - Old Que. City - we braved the stairs instead!

A view of Place Royal and the Queen Mary 2 in Old Que.City Port - taken from Terrasse Dufferin - A 300 ft. elevation difference!  Levis, where we were parked with our RV is across the river - 1/2 mile wide at this point.  Quebec is a First Nations word meaning narrowing of the river - a strategic spot for defense purposes and monitoring the river traffic in the 17th and 18th century!

Monument to Wolfe and Montcalm - an unusual monument commemorating both victor and victim (Wolfe's name is on the other side).  Our guide spoke of the 3 periods in Quebec (just like hockey he said) - The French period (1608 - 1759), the British period (1759 - 1867), the Canadian period (1867 to present day).

Horse Carriages in Old Que City trotting alongside big tour buses and other vehicular traffic - a busy place!

Barry strolling along in Place Royal - Old Que. City

Where we had a lovely lunch in Old Que. City on Place Royale

Renovated homes in Place Royale - back in the 1600's this was a rougher part of the neighborhood - not any more!

Awesome 3 D Mural in Place Royal of Old Que  City

St. Louis Gate in Old Que. City

Ramparts - Old Que. City

Frontenac - the copper roof is being renovated to the tune of 8M$

Queen Mary 2 at anchor at the Old Que City Port - tropical storms are raging and moving up the Eastern seaboard - so we think perhaps the Queen Mary is sitting out the storm here - safe anchor!  She was anchored here for more than a day or two - Merchants in Old Que. City must have loved it!
After leaving the Maritimes we encountered brash weather - overcast, wind and rain - so we sat out the system for awhile then decided to head out and tour regardless. The pictures tell the story!

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