Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Quebec Colors

The first T off box on a wee 9 hole course we golfed just outside Montreal.  And it got prettier and prettier.  SS was too distracted by the beauty of the trees and golfed a terrible game - at least she is blaming it on that!  Yes SS was in the trees off to the right and on more holes than this one too!

Another colorful hole.  Barry golfed really well - obviously not distracted by the trees!

This course was different from any we'd experienced.  No one had a T time - you just pay your green fee and then line up and wait your turn.  We were paired with a delightful couple who spoke way more English than we speak French.  We had fun!

We journeyed over to the Ottawa area, but had to take a drive here up in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec.  We were advised to take this drive before the weather changed - and glad we did as the next and following days were rainy and windy!

More Gatineau

And More!

Hiking trail up the escarpment of King Mountain in the Gatineau Hills

The Forrest floor

We made it to the top of the escarpment of King Mountain and the view of the Ottawa Valley (200 ft. below) was worth it

King Mt. trail

More beauty in the Gatineau's
The fall colors in the East are truly spectacular - and pictures really do not do them justice.  However we will share a few. 

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