Friday, 7 October 2011


We are parked near this rig ($$$) - and some of you may have been privy to Barry's daydreaming about owning a freight liner - NO Barry - you can't have one of these!

The triple axle 5th wheel that the freight liner pulls ($$$$) - you can't have one of these either Barry!

1814 BMO in Vieux Montreal - still in operation today - very austere and old world inside!

Notre Dame Basilica in Vieux Montreal - built in 1824 this is amidst one of the most impressive landmarks in the world according to the tourist literature!  Our guide stated that 80% of Quebec is Roman Catholic - but only 5% faithfully attend or support the church!  This statistic shocked us.  He stated that the average age of priests is around 76 and if you count retired priests it is 82!  Our guide in Old Que. City also alluded to this fact.  Met a fellow born and raised here (now living in AB) who said it is true - the silent revolution (rebellion) against the Church he said - he also said that many of the interiors of these elaborate churches - that are 200+ years old - have been are preserved yes, but have been converted to condo units - so people are living in them!  The same is happening in PEI too - all the little white churches dotting the landscaped are being converted to alternate uses!!  Wow!

Place D'Arms - Vieux Montreal - The Old City was founded in 1642

Olympic Village

Olympic Stadium - 1976 Summer Olympic Games - an architectural masterpiece - the tallest inclined tower in the world at 574 ft.

St. Joseph's Oratory - it's founder Father Andre (Canonized in 2010) performed many healing miracles in the early 1900's - apparently there is a wall with many crutches, canes, walkers and other aids etc.

View of Montreal from Mont Royal - note Olympic Stadium in the background and the St. Lawrence River

Another view from Mont Royal - an 800 acre park - the lands of which were expropriated from 17 families over a 100 years ago in order to build this public park - the designer who also designed Central Park in New York City.
The weather was quite unsettled while we were in the Quebec City area - the fringe effects of more tropical storms working their way up into the Maritimes we think - glad we left the area when we did.  Decided to move on to the Montreal area.  Had planned on going into the Eastern Townships, but RV Parks in outlying areas are closing for the season now.  Those around major centers are still open and we found a lovely RV Park just 20 minutes out of Montreal at St. Mathieu de Boleil.  Will stay here over the Thanksgiving weekend - don't need to be driving and pulling our rig in long weekend traffic!  We took a guided bus tour of Montreal - a break from driving for Barry (he has driven over 15,000 km to date).   Our guide was very good - apparently tour guides in Que. have to be certified and licensed!  Not a bad idea!  The population of the greater Montreal area is 3M - 55% of whom are French, 25% English, and 20% other - it is a very multicultural city.  Our bus tour has given us a good overview of the area - so now we can do some things on our own. Just may do a day trip (without the trailer) into the Eastern Townships.  The leaves are just starting to turn!

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