Friday, 7 October 2011

Montmorency Falls

The Shaw's in front of Montmorency Falls

A view of the stairs from the Cable Car - yes we wimped out and took the cable car up - but we did climb a few stairs later to get up to the foot bridge over the falls (not a suspension foot bridge thank goodness!).

View of Montmorency Falls from the cable car

View of the bridge over to Ile d'Orleans - we took a drive over there afterwards

A lower lookout - looking up at the foot bridge over the falls

Looks pretty calm before the plunge down!

View from the summit above the falls - looking out to the St. Lawrence River and Ile d'Orleans

Hiking down the stairs - Sandra's knees were screaming - glad we didn't try the ascent!

Ile d'Orleans - drive around the island which is 27 km long and about 4 km (no more I don't think if that) wide.  Very peaceful and rural!

We weren't pulling our trailer this day!

Charming island drive

Church right on the banks of the St. Lawrence on the Island. 
Before leaving the Old Que. City area we had to take a drive out to Montmorency Falls which at 272 ft. are almost 100 ft. higher than Niagara Falls!  We did see some sun for awhile today, but the wind was cold - feels like fall.  Again - the pictures tell the story.  After the falls we enjoyed a drive around  the Ile d'Orleans.  After the island we managed to find the Market in Vieux Que.-  below the old city.  What an awesome market - but we had to hurry and get out of there as we didn't want to get caught up in rush hour on Rue Champlain with Big Blue!  We made it!

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