Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hopewell Rocks (Flower Pots) New Brunswick

A hike on the dyke (surrounding our Ponderosa Pines RV Park at Hopewell Cape)

Low tide at the Hopewell Rocks at Hopewell Cape

Note the hiker (in red) strolling the beach at low tide at Hopewell Cape

We hustled down to the Flower Pots (Hopewell Rocks) on the Bay of Fundy to see low tide - actually here the tide has already started to come in but we caught it about 1/2 hour past its lowest point.  It was foggy initially.

Barry - grounded on the ocean floor!

Lovers Arch - Hopewell Rocks - NB

Another view!

Fascinating formations sculpted by the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy!

And More!

High tide today will be 3.5 times Sandra's height at the beach level - OK - so that is not that much - well it will be 18 feet at the beach level!  Overall high tide today was one of the highest at 47 feet!

Barry and I walked all along the beach area left bare by the low tide - all the while watching as the incoming tide kept creeping closer and closer.  We retreated to higher ground fairly early to watch the progress of the incoming tide.

Sandra - grounded in the mud and gravel left by low tide and in front of a sea weed covered rock!

More sea weed covered rock and the carved cliffs at the Hopewell Rocks

And more!

One can hike and stroll this rugged beach for 3 hours before and after low tide - then the wardens do a sweep to clear the beach area to ensure that no one is left stranded by the incoming waters.

The stairwell access to the beach area below the cliffs overlooking the Hopewell Rocks (Flower Pots)

The incoming tide - we watched rock pinpoints disappear - and disappear quickly they did!  Every 25 hours there is a rotation through high and low tide.  Like the Rangers described - it is like a huge bathtub.  The tide is either coming in or it is going out!  Continually ebbing and flowing.  Being from a land locked Province we were very engrossed with all of this!

A Jr. High Field trip descended upon the site (we are on the lookout site at this point).  We watched with interest to see if the kids followed the rules - one of which was don't 'go in the water'.  A few almost ended up in the drink but managed to stay more or less dry.  The kids circled the one rock we think in hopes that they would get cut off and then have to go in the 'water'!  We know kids!!!!!!!

The Rangers are rounding up the Hikers and Explorers!

The Beach is almost covered

A bit out of order but the hoards are heading for the stairs!

Bye Bye Beach!

Now we are watching the arch in Lovers Arch.  It will totally disappear!

Pretty much gone!

Yes Gone!  The Flower Pots now look like wee islands in the ocean topped by Spruce &  Fir outcroppings!
Our destination after leaving PEI was the Bay of Fundy and the Hopewell Rocks (Flower Pots).  We were not disappointed and will let the pictures tell the story.  The Bay of Fundy has some of the highest tides in the world - and this particular day we were not disappointed - as we hit it on a "high" high tide day or a "spring tide" (has nothing to do with the seasons - but the alignment of the sun and the full moon).  100 billion tons of water flows into the Bay with every high tide!  The fierce tides have eroded these sculptures over the years and is ongoing.

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