Saturday, 3 September 2011

Grounded by Hurricane Irene!

August 29 & 30th - well guess what?  We were grounded by Hurricane Irene.  Planned to do the Westbrook Pond boat trip on the Monday - cancelled due to the high winds.  Tuesday - more of the same - the fringe effects of Hurricane Irene.  We were right on the Gulf coast on the West side of Nfl and at the Northern tip of Gros Morne Ntl. Park.  We just hunkered down and weathered the storm.  Even brought 3 of our 4 slides in to minimize surface contact area for the wind.  As it turned out Monday was not as bad as Tues. so we did do some alternate touring - Nurse Myra Bennett's home in Daniels Harbor (she came as a young Nurse to serve in outport nursing - and did so for the next 40 years or so).  We actually took in a local live theatre that told part of her story.  She delivered over 700 babies (including her own Grandson) and extracted more than 5000 teeth - the latest when she was 92 years old.  There are many more stories of her outport nursing experiences that I won't bore you with - but it is amazing - the courage, tenacity and endurance of the people who came to this part of the country in the earlier years!

We checked out the 3 km. hiking trail into the Pond where we were to catch the boat - and the winds almost blew us off the board walk and into the marsh.  Next post will show dramatically different shots of the same area.

We were parked near Shallow Bay and started to enjoy a walk on a lovely sandy beach except for the wind - combined with the sand - was virtually sand blasting us.  Don't need that so aborted that idea!

All set up and enjoying the beach view - except for when the fringe effects of Hurricane Irene blew in 24 hrs. later!  This was actually a B&B - with about 10 serviced RV sites - perfect and very inexpensive!

Part of the 3 km hiking trail into Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne Ntl. Park.  This is a Ntl. Historic site - 'rare beauty' and 'outstanding examples representing major stages of earth's history!

More shots along the trail and boardwalk toward the "Pond" - on that very windy day.  We were glad not to be on the boat this day!

Nurse Myra (Grimsley) Bennett came to the Daniels Harbor, Nfl area to serve as an Out-port Nurse in 1921.  She was 31 and served the area with dedication and devotion for the next 50 years.  Amazing story!  Besides her basic nursing skills she had additional training in midwifery and anesthesia.

Arches Provincial Park, Nfl - just one more beautiful spot!

One can appreciate the erosion effects of wind and water!

Beaches at Shallow Bay near Cow Head, Nfl.

We are standing on a wee levee that separated us from the effects these winds and waves in the adjoining cove - thank goodness!   But we weathered it well!  Buddy not so well - but he got over it!

Next - Westbrook Pond - a Ntl. Historic Site

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