Saturday, 3 September 2011

Westbrook Pond in Gros Morne Ntl. Park, Nfl

Well, remember the harsh water from 2 days ago.  this is the same pond on the 3 km hike into Western Pond.  Breathtaking!

Out of order - but this is at the terminus of the 'pond' after 1 hr. on the boat - Breathtaking!

Free fall waterfall on the 'pond'

More waterfall on the 'pond'

Tin Man - can you find him?

A fairly recent rock slide (10 years ago or so) that was apparently witnessed by boat tourists at the 'pond'.

Craggy cliff walls at the 'pond'

More cragginess!

Water fall at the 'pond'

Pier where we dropped 4 extreme back country back packers off - they needed a Parks Canada Pass and will spend about 4 - 5 days hiking out (35 km) on unmarked trails (compassing and GPS skills are essential).

Neat profile in the craggy rocks at Western Brook Pond

More shear cliff rising out of the water - which were formed 1000's of years ago by a combination of tectonic plates colliding and the action of the ice mass. Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne is one big laboratory with its exposed rock faces with evidence of the Tectonic plate action.

Old Tree / Woman

Old Tree /Man
Well, after 2 days of waiting out Hurricane Irene, we finally made it on the boat in the 'Pond' and it was well worth it.  We will let the pictures tell the story of Westbrook Pond in Gros Morne Ntl. Park.  Needless to say this is an awesomely beautiful spot.

The pond is only 100' above sea level and used to be salt water - but cut off by marsh and table lands it is now fresh water and very clear, cold and deep.  It would take 15 years to totally exchange the water due to slow inflow and outflow.  It is considered an Oligotrophic environment - no nutrients for algae etc. hence the clearness.

There are 5,000 resident moose in Gros Morne Ntl. Park who are steadily overgrazing and negatively impacting the forest ecosystem.  They are planning a controlled 'cull' this fall by issuing 500 hunting licenses in the Park.  There are an estimated 100,000 moose in all of Nfl (no natural predators) who have raised havoc with vehicular traffic this year.  On the Northern Peninsula alone they have posted - 22 moose / vehicle collisions so far in 2011.  We are watching closely when driving and try not to drive at dusk or at night.

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