Friday, 26 August 2011

August 21-25 Getting to the Rock

After Salem we journeyed toward NB, crossing into Canada at Woodstock.  We fueled up just before crossing the border at $1.05/L - in Moncton our fuel was $1.32/L - Ouch!  But we figured out that we paid $90 + in Tolls between Buffalo, NY and Woodstock, NB - so you can't have it both ways we figure!

After we crossed the border into NB our GPS went wonky - it couldn't find Moncton or any other destinations that we tried to punch in.  We thought it was our system so Barry checked with a Dodge dealer in Moncton and this has happened to others.  He said once we get into the Montreal area it will come back and be fine.  Now Margaret II (aka Sandra) (the GPS is Margaret I)  has to be on top of the maps and destinations so Barry doesn't have to make too many U turns with the rig.  Good thing there aren't too many major roads or interchanges in Nfl.

We crossed to Nfl on Tuesday the 23rd (a 5 1/2 hour sail) and had to park the rig in the dark once we landed - something we don't like to do - brings back memories of backing into a tree when we were in Alaska.  Margaret II got out with a walkie talkie to help the process - so no tree issues.

Arm of Gold (aptly named) RV Park near the Ferry dock in North Sydney - the rigs absolutely roll in - either coming from or going to the Ferry

Nfl Ferry - Blue Puttes - one BIG boat!  We were able to leave Buddy in the trailer and he was just fine.  We had 747 like comfortable seats on the 8th deck!

The Traveling Shaw's on the Ferry

Coming into dock at Port Aux Basques, Nfl

On the Rock!

Buddy sipping from a fresh water stream that is flowing into Bonne Bay

Sunset on Bonne Bay in Gros Morne Ntl. Park.  We stopped here for the night en route to St. Anthony.

The Viking Trail - the drive from Port Aux Basques to St. Anthony is about 8 hours.  We took two days to get there.

A power line pole secured with this crib of rocks.  We saw many of these and figure that they are unable to dig the poles down deeply enough so hence the rock crib. to secure the pole.

One of many wood piles all along the Viking Trail - we figure many people likely heat their homes with wood.

One of many wee garden plots along Hwy 430 (the Viking Trail) - some had scare crows and many had sheets of flapping plastic tied to the fencing - to scare away the critters I guess.  These appeared to be in the middle of nowhere.

Half mast flag in honor of Jack Layton

We started up the Viking Trail (West Coast of the North Peninsula) toward St. Anthony with plans to tour Gros Morne and Port Aux Choix en route until we heard that St. Anthony Harbour was FULL of ice bergs - something the old timers up there have never seen in their life time.  So we boogied straight up in order not to miss this spectacle.  Many have already left they said - I guess one morning it was real foggy and when the fog cleared people were awe struck by the towering giants (like high rises) looking down on their little town.  For some reason our ice berg pictures did not up load.  Will include them with the posting of the Viking Ntl. Historic sight which we are visiting today - Friday August 26.

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