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August 20, 2011 - Salem, Maine

Before leaving the Boston area we just had to soak up a little bit of witch craft in Salem.  From elementary school days (a very long time ago) Sandra remembered tid bits about the Salem Witch trials of 1692!  Well they have built an entire tourist attraction around this little piece of history.  Of course when you look at it - these New England States are in the same era as our old Quebec City - much older that us Westerners by about 400 years!

We were actually hooked up and en route when we stopped here, so there were some interesting (tense) moments of driving our rig through some very narrow, winding and unforgiving streets.  Well Barry had no hair to begin with and has even less now!  We made it though!

The Salem Witch Museum had an excellent over view of this era.

One of the few fellows who spoke out against the insanity of the charges etc.  He did hang, leaving his pregnant wife and        young  child fend for themselves.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arresting Bridget Bishop

Five Hysterical young girls who instigated the entire affair!

Midwife Witness

The Accused - Bridget Bishop

Farmer neighbor - witness

Another witness

A deranged witness!

We (the Puritan Public) set her FREE!

Sandra's Father was named John Bertram!

One could spend 2 or 3 days here, we had a few hours, but did manage to tour the Witch Museum and a re-enactment of a pre-trial hearing of a woman accused of being a witch.  The fellow at the information booth said the Museum was hysterical and the re-enactment was historical.  He was right - but we did enjoy both and learned a bit about this piece of history.  Sadly, bored young girls of the era set in motion a chain of events that cost 19 innocent people their lives - all by hanging except one who was crushed to death.  A very sobering time and a blemish on our history.

Now we are off up through Maine and back into Canada at St. Stephen,NB - not sure of  internet connections from here on in.  Will keep trying.

BS, SS & B

PS:  Since we are on a couple of driving days here we try for the Walmart 'overnight' (to minimize $$$ and make up for all those darned tolls) if they allow it.  Because we were at Salem we pulled into Augusta, Maine late and Walmart looked like a campground.  Didn't have to bother asking their permission this time.

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