Friday, 9 November 2012

Spring & Summer 2012

We are back!  After arriving home in early April and after  8 months on the road and away from home - we got to enjoy 3 heavy snow storms.  Just a reminder of what we miss all winter.

 Sean Eugene Christopher Slimmon
Born September 1, 2012

Grandma and Barry will be visiting the later part of January, 2013.  The trip will encompass Chinese New Year.  We can hardly wait - especially Grandma - wee Sean will be 5 months old by that time.  These pictures are in the first 2 months.

First Halloween.  2 months old.

 Vicky's sewing projects at Grandma's house.  Vicky comes for a sleepover and commandeers Grandma's sewing machine.  Grandma loves it!
 Playing blongo ball with Bella.  We play by Bella's rules!

 Doggy sitting my Granddog - Cookie.  Guess who is jealous!?
 The girls camping trip to Miquelon Lake.  Cycling, walking, beach time, and ice cream treats.  Had a tremendous week of 30 C temps.  Ronan and Barry brought us out and came to collect us at weeks end.  A great time!
 Grandma's Treat
 Mother and Daughter

Birdhouse builing project at Miquelon.  Dayna and Grandma held the nails while the girls pounded!  Ouch!

 Before and after the sunroom installation on our deck.  Had about 6 weeks to enjoy an extended season on our deck before heading South


 The girls and Grandma taking lunch to Barry in the hayfield.
 Grandma and Barry were treated to a Saturday Breakfast by the Cruz family then an enjoyable walk in the River Valley.  Perfect end to the Spring/Summer/Fall season before heading South.
Sandra & Dayna on the footbridge overlooking the N. Sk river.

 Miss Bella got tired and convinced Barry to give her a piggy back.  Daddy Ronan was next.

 Grandma Sandy with her 'Girls' - Daughter Dayna, Granddaughters Victoria and Bella
 Millions (Sandra's Dad's side of the family) Cousin gathering.

Ness (Sandra's Mother's side of the family) Cousin gathering with sole living Aunt - Selma.
We had a busy spring and summer - Barry farming, Sandra quilting, enjoying the Granddaughters,  having a sunroom installed on our deck and last but not least the highlight of the year - the birth of our first Grandson (Parents Damon and Sabrina in Taiwan) on September 1.  A few pictures will tell the stories.

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