Sunday, 5 February 2012

Disneyland - January 2012

We spent a glorious 5 days in the Anaheim area with Sandra's Daughter Dayna, Son in Law Ronan and delightful Granddaughters Victoria (age 11) and Bella (age 6) - perfect ages for visiting DL.  We wondered if we old folk could keep up to the young folk or not - but we seemed to manage OK (we went on practically every ride with the kids)  - but we did need a day or two to rest up and catch our breath!  We would do it again in a heartbeat!

A few pictures need to be scanned into our files - those purchased from some of the wild rides and one from the Medieval Dinner - eating only with your fingers while a horse/jousting show was in progress.  Bella wasn't totally sold on this exercise!  We all had fun - kids again!

Fortunately our good friends the Andersons from our old park kept Buddy while we were away - and that was a good thing as we spent long days not only at Disneyland but touring down to San Diego to visit Sea World and the Zoo.  The girls were real little troupers and had big grins plastered on their face the whole time.  We really enjoyed sharing this special time with them.  The pictures can tell the story.

Disneyland here we come!

Two happy and very excited little girls!

Carousel happiness!

It's a Small World!  We were fortunate to enjoy the Christmas trappings and ambiance at DL without the crowds.  This was the girls special Christmas present/surprise.  The girls opened their gifts on Christmas morning at the same time - one got a Mickey and the other a Minnie - which also included their Passports and precious spending money - which they had fun spending - but oh such hard decisions where to spend the precious dollars!  They did really really well!


Have to have a picture in front of Mickey!  Note - Vicky is catching up the Grandma in height really really fast!

A happy Grandma with Victoria and Bella in front of Walt Disney and Mickey - Mickey was born on Nov. 18, 1928 when Walt was sharing a dream with his Granddaughter of such a glorious park to entertain children!

Had to get a picture with Mickey!


Gracious acrobats!

San Diego Zoo - what a wonderful zoo - well worth a visit!

We spent the better part of a day here - could have spent longer!

Love this picture - the girls are soooo sweet!

Posing with a Baby Polar Bear

Soooo Cute!

We watched the Polar Bear for a long time.  He seemed to know we were watching and posed beautifully a couple of times

We were treated to the Princess Breakfast - and loved watching the girls meet their Fairy Tale Princess's.  Here they are being greeted by Ariel.  It has been 31 years since Sandra has been at DL - and it is interesting to see the new additions and innovations - the park keeps re-inventing itself - very interesting.

With Victoria's favorite Princess - Snow White

With Bella's favorite Princess - Belle

We survived California Screaming!  Bravo!

Grandma was quick to offer to sit out with Bella (she was too short - Bella not Grandma!) while the rest braved California Screaming!  We have some other shots of the wild rides but need to scan them in order to include them.  It was a HOOT!

Waiting for the World of Color light show - unfortunately those pictures do not do the show justice.  It was absolutely awesome and almost upstaged the fireworks.  We had a front row seat at our RV Park for the Fireworks however, and got to enjoy the fireworks every evening from our trailer.  We were a 15 minute walk from the gates of DL and the kids were at their hotel just across the street from DL.  Perfect!

The lit up Mickey on the Ferris Wheel in California Adventure with California Screaming roller coaster in the background at night.  Only Disney can do this!

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