Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Graceland Living Room - & music room at the back.  There were music rooms all over!

More living room.  Elvis favorite color was 'blue'

Pool Room - framed (walls & ceiling) with 350 yards of this heavily printed fabric.  When Elvis liked something he really liked it - and we saw heavy pleated fabric decor elsewhere - even in his plane the Lisa Marie!

The Jungle Room - wall fountain at the end was innovative at the time.  Actually the house is not that large by today's standards - but was definitely lavish for the 70's.  It is interesting to see a home 'frozen' in 70's taste!

Rear view of the Graceland Mansion

Part of the trophy / gold and platinum record room - mind boggling

A plaque commemorating Elvis' philanthropy - which was extensive - far more than just giving cars etc to his friends!  I believe they said there were about 50 assorted charities that he generously supported!

One of the elaborate stage outfits - with all this bling bling - the outfits are said to have weighed 50 - 60 lb.  No wonder the sweat poured off his brow during a performance - add that to the physical workout of his performance!

Entrance to the Meditation Garden at the edge of the property

Solemn procession past the graves of Elvis, his Mother & Father and the Paternal Grandmother who outlived them all (deceased in 1980)

Graceland - Elvis purchased the property from a Dr. and his wife in 1957 for the grand price of $102,000.  The home was named after the Dr's. wife.  Elvis like the name and retained it.  Elvis was 22 at the time.  His Mother only lived for one year after moving in.  she passed away on Aug. 14, 1958 and almost 19 years to the day (Aug. 16. 1977) Elvis passed away.  Vernon passed away in 1979. 

Enjoying the Elvis car and toy displays!

Elvis trade mark - Taking Care of Business.  Priscilla helped design it - he was so excited to have it designed he got a jeweler out of bed at midnight to start the design process.  He had several pieces of jewelery made as gifts for his 'boys'!
A trip to Tennessee is not complete without a visit to Memphis and Graceland.  Interestingly Nashville and Memphis - the cities proper are not that big - only around a half million each plus or minus.  Graceland has the second highest tourist traffic (at a private residence) in the US - second only to Washington's Mount Vernon.  Amazing!  They claim that over 600,000 people a year tour through Graceland.  This has to be a significant part of the economy of Memphis.

Our RV Park was only 2 blocks from Graceland so we were able to walk down and take all the time we wanted to tour the premises.  It has changed from 24 years ago (not the Mansion - it is frozen in 70's decor - but the surrounding shops etc are all new) when Sandra was last here.  There is much more commercializing.  You can buy everything with Elvis on it!  There were multiple gift shops and many were attached to segregated displays - so you'd tour a display and then exit through the gift shop - marketing wizardry.

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